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First Use : The Blends2Go Blender comes mostly charged at buy. You can give the blender a speedy clean before connecting for a full charge.
  • Start by utilizing a fluid : Consistently start by utilizing any kind of fluid (juice, water, milk). This will make mixing simpler.

    Essential Mixing : Subsequent to including your fluid, hurl in the remainder of your smoothie fixings (or elements for whatever you are making) and mix!
  • Propelled mixing : For most extreme force, you can begin by starting the blender upside down and allow the blades to find a good pace full RPMs before mixing.
  • Cutting natural product : Cutting your organic product or other smoothie fixings into little pieces will consider the smoothest conceivable mix.

  • Mixing ice : Start with a lot of fluid, include ice, and mix!
  • Strainer : BlendMeBlender highlights an inherent strainer to help keep your drinks, and different inventions, piece free.
  • Don't over-burden: Never over-burden your blender with fixings. Leave a little room at the top
  • Hot fluids : We don't prescribe putting hot fluids that are over 120° F/49°C into the blender , this may cause harm, including spills, to the container and base
  • Avoid from running while blender is void: Don't run the blender when the container is vacant to abstain from wearing out the engine.
  • Security highlights : The implicit wellbeing highlight keeps the sharp edges from turning when the container is detached.
  • Simple to clean: Cleaning is simple. Simply include a drop of cleanser, water, mix, and flush.
  • Profound cleaning: Profound clean the blender occasionally. The top and strainer can be isolated, and the container can be expelled from the base. There are silicone o-rings in the cover, container, and base. The o-rings ought to be expelled for an increasingly careful clear and left out long enough for each part to completely air dry. Be mindful so as to abstain from getting water in the charging port.
  • Drying: Evacuate and separate the cover and strainer to let the BlendMeBlender air dry in the wake of cleaning.
  • Customary jam: If the sharp edges are stuck, essentially turn the blender over, give it a brisk shake and turn it on. At that point, turn it straight up with the goal that your fixings hit every one of the 6 sharp edges at max throttle.

  • Propelled jam: If the Blender is stuck and the Standard Jam arrangement doesn't fix it, turn it over and bend off the base to expel whatever has obstructed the sharp edges. At that point, wind the base back on, adjust the base effectively, and start mixing!
  • Red and blue light blazing : Red and blue glimmering lights mean the container isn't lined up with the base. To fix this, screw the container clockwise into the base until the bolt on the container lines up with the bolt on the base. As a wellbeing safety measure, there are magnets on the container, which must be adjusted, or the sharp edges won't turn
  • Red Blazing light : The light turns red when the Blender should be charging. Accuse the blender of any USB port, and the light will turn blue once it is completely energized.